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Wood Packaging Oversized

MobVip is the perfect solution when you need treated wood packaging with the best quality at reasonable prices.

High Quality Products

The wood packaging we provide have the highest quality and comply with the recent regulations of the World Trade Organization.
All packages are thus manufactured and treated to withstand temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius.


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The diversity of products

MobVip is at your disposal with a wide range of wood packaging products – all of the highest quality and providing mechanical protection against internal and external pressures during loading / unloading, transportation and storage of your goods.
Below you will find the 4 types of main packaging solutions
– Boxes with bearing bases – reinforced with load-carrying parts and materials from wood sleepers.
– Boxes with non-bearing base – provides protection from physical and chemical level, without using load-carrying parts and materials.
– Wooden boxes – both in bearing and non-bearing bases
– Wooden pallets – europallets, platforms, etc.
The maximum dimensions of our packages depend on the method of transport that will be used.
For the shipping to take place in optimal conditions with no unexpected problems, we use:
– Triple-layer VACUUM-PACK film
– Inhibitors of corrosion in vapor phase that form a molecular coating on metal surface
– Moisture absorbers: COR CAP tablets and silica, also TROPAGEL bags
– Sponges with VpCI additives for electrical components (1 sq m of cloth provides assurance that the volume of 3 cubic meters of cargo)
The maximum dimensions for shipping can only be provided by the transport company services that you use, we recommend contacting its representatives and we can provide custom wood packaging for your needs.

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Other services MobVip offers

Besides providing wood packaging solutions, MobVip will be at your disposal with other related services, where quality and professionalism are guaranteed:
– Wood treatment services:
– >using the termic method- HT
– using the fumigation method – MB
– Professional wood drying services
– Processing services – wood planer
– Wood treatment services with insecticides and fungicides
– Fireproofing wood services – which guarantees protection against burn wood products.


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Compliance with the latest standard

All wood packaging offered by MobVip meet regulated standards and requirements of the international standard ISPM 15.
To meet these standards, all loads must be packaged in heat-treated wood and need application-specific markings. Following these rules, MobVip guarantees serious repercussions that may appear in customs transiting for non-compliance with the standards.
On disclosure, customs are able to decide the fate of your goods: they can be sent in country of origin, re-packaged, or even destroyed. But as a MobVip customer YOU will be protected of all these sanctions, and also be protected against the financial loss that these measures entail.
MobVip will provide all necessary documents to perform a legally and safe transportation method in accordance with international standards ISPM 15:
– Treatment ID
– Certificate of phytosanitary measures and treatment for export
– Chart graphics
– Romanian affixing packaging