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Treated Wood Packaging

MobVip is a company that offers top quality solutions in terms of treated wood packaging. The company was founded in 2001 and is one of the best professionals in the Romanian market in the production of treated wood packaging. With all these years of experience behind us, we can proudly offer you very high quality products: all our packaging products are subject of treatment, control, marking and attestation appropriate to the phytosanitary legislation of the destination country.

What products we can offer you?

Besides wood packing that we put at your disposal, MobVip excels in other areas related to wood:
– production, remanufacturing and selling of pallets and europallets, both new or used.
– docking and anchoraging heavy goods and packages.

Guarantees in the production of wooden packaging

In terms of production and trade of wood packaging, MobVip guarantees conformity with the latest standards required by World Trade Organization. Thus, all wood packaging products are subjected to heat treatment according to ISPM 15 standard. This ensures that you will not have any inconveniences caused by using improper packaging when transiting customs.

 click here to read more about the ISPM15 standard.

In the absence of proper wood packaging (as well as pallets) is not possible to export operations in optimal conditions of safety of goods transported. Thus MobVip is at your disposal with the highest quality solutions, so that you can transport your goods in conditions of maximum security and transit customs without problems due to improper packaging.
MobVip demonstrates its professionalism and excellence through the 3 guarantees that we offer all of our clients:
– The finest quality wood packaging
– More than convenient prices
– Timely delivering of our products

Future plans

We still want to make a difference among the best companies in Romania that offer products in the market segment of wood packaging. To do this, we have 3 main goals we’re following:
1. MobVip aims to serve all their customers with the highest quality products, always in accordance with the latest European standards. Thus, our number 1 priority will be the continued improvement of quality products and services to all our clients.
2. Secondly, MobVip wants to increase the number of production lines thus increasing the number of services and products offered, keeping the same high level of quality in all areas of activity in which it operates.
3. Last but not least, we plan to increase turnover and the number of clients, both national and international. We are confident this will inevitably happen the two objectives above are reached.